Did Tamil Nadu’s Advocate General go overboard to please Amma?

By @dinakaran

Mr Soli Sorabjee in The New Indian Express ‘There are limits to an advocate’s licence too’, says:

The Tamil Nadu Advocate-General Mr Navaneetha Krishnan

The Tamil Nadu Advocate-General Mr Navaneetha Krishnan

“(Another) disquieting feature is the Advocate General Navaneetha Krishnan’s statement in the course of his oral arguments before the court that the “certification process is a scam”. Advocate Sankarasubbu appearing for the groups supporting the ban stated that “the board members are purchasable commodities”. These statements, unless they are based on cogent material placed before the court, are grossly defamatory and reprehensible. There are limits to an advocate’s licence pleading his case before the court even though the advocate may be the advocate general of the state, in which case there is a greater obligation to refrain from making unsubstantiated allegations against a statutory body headed by a distinguished chairperson. Mr Advocate General, please remember, noblesse oblige.”

Tackling data transfer

(This article appeared in the Hindu Business Line)

The ease of transferring files between an Android phone and your computer could depend on what computer (or operating system) you are using. Though Microsoft’s Windows smartphones compete with Android, the Windows in your system will have no problem in recognising your Android. The same goes for Linux. The problem arises if you have a Mac. If you connect an iPhone, Mac will automatically open iTunes, but when it detects that a rival – Android – phone is being connected, it will refuse to connect and throw up errors.

This is where Android File Connect comes to your rescue. You have to download the Android File Connect utility from http://androidcom/filetransfer. After file is downloaded, double-click the file (androidfiletransfer.dmg). In the Installer window, drag Android File Transfer to Applications.When you connect your Android mobile for the first time, you have to open the application manually, but you never have to do it again.

You can now copy files between the Android mobile and the Mac using the utility.

If this sounds too complicated, there are apps such as AirDroid and Kies Air. These apps are cross platform and can be used with any operating system. AirDroid has a nice interface and connecting, transferring files or installing apps are so easy that you will wonder how you were managing without it.

.Open the AirDroid app in your phone, and key in the password at web.airdroid.com

.Or instead of keying in the password, you can scan the QR code in web.airdroid.com.

Once connected, you can transfer files between your mobile and the computer, manage contacts, view photos and videos that are in your phone. You can even install apps downloaded to the computer by using AirDroid.