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GMAIL to roll out priority inbox soon

Gmail is soon rolling out a spanking new Priority Inbox facility.

If you are flooded with hundreds of messages everyday, you may lose track of what’s important. Worse, you may even miss important emails as they get buried with less important emails.

What Gmail will do now is to pick up the emails on the basis of how you respond to emails. If  you have often replied or forwarded emails from someone, it will now automatically go into the priority inbox.

Of course, Gmail may make a mistake by occasionally putting unimportant emails in your priority inbox. If  it does, you will have the option of marking it less important so that it won’t happen next time. Similarly, if you find any important emails that have failed to make it to the priority inbox, you can mark them important. The next time you get an email from the person, it will get into the priority inbox.

Gmail will be rolling out this facility in the next few days.

You can know more about priority email here.

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