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‘Free left’ in traffic signals – yes or no?

I had mentioned the incident  where I was stopped by the police for taking a left turn. It is a sad fact that the police themselves are clueless about traffic rules. 

My friend who calls himself Shencottah, has given me links to a few sites and blogs. All of them mention that there is no free left turn in India.  If the signal is red, wait.

But the Delhi Traffic Police site has this to say:

Sometimes you are allowed to turn left or right too, unless separate signs exist for each direction. if turning, yield the right of way to pedestrians and vehicles from other directions.

Which means, there HAS to be a separate sign in the traffic light if there is no free left turn.

Such confusions can be averted if the authorities take pains to educate the public (and the police) about traffic rules.

Here are some of the links provided by Shencottah:

This is a discussion in a forum:

A detailed version of traffic rules is available here in PDF format:

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