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Traffic Angels

If you are under the impression that nothing can be done about the chaotic Indian traffic and inefficient traffic department, think again.

There are several organisations and individuals who are doing their mite in this area.

1. Malcolm Wolfe

If you think Wolfe is a firangi blasting about Indian traffic conditions, you are wrong. He is a Hyderabadi. A former IAF pilot, he is now with Metropolitan Police, London. This is an excerpt about him from his excellent book Streetwise — a must in every home.

“His travels all over the world have gained for him invaluable experience in dealing with people and traffic matters…He has deep concern for the traffic situation in India and has a desire to make Indian roads safer to use.

“Over the past few years, he has worked with the traffic consultants and the Police of the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad to improve the situation.”

You can find details about the book in his Web site

2. Save Pune Traffic Movement

This is an organisation run by citizens of Pune. Though the Web site concerns Pune, there is a lot of useful information like traffic rules, that are applicable to the entire country. The mission and vision, according to the site, is

Vision To achieve an orderly, chaos free and sustainable traffic system for Pune, which will be a model for the rest of India.
Mission To drive the transformation of traffic system through a united force of responsible citizens.

Pudumai Balakrishnan 

 Mr Pudumai Balakrishnan is the Chief Traffic Warden of Pondicherry. This is the description about himself and his activities in his Web site :

Pudumai Balakrishnan or  K.Balakrishnan, has been serving Pondicherry Police from March 1991. He was awarded IGP Medal,4 Cash Awards,3 Good Service entries &21 Commendation Certficates by the Pondicherry Police depertment for his work. He is also a recipient of the National Award on Raod Safety from the Indian Government.

He was appointed as Chief Traffic Warden in  December 1997. (Traffic Wardens manageTraffic during festivals and They assist traffic police during peak hours.)

Mr Adhiraj Joglekar

 Again, this looks like a lone crusader for sensible driving. His site has videos that tell us how to drive correctly. Almost all the videos have been taken abroad. Watching the discipline there, we should feel ashamed the way we drive.

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